Calling All Bookworms Who Have Caught The Writing Bug

Hello Internet World! *hears an echo, looks around at the empty internet space.* Oh, dear. No one is reading this post. Well, that’s okay; I’ve got to start somewhere. Welcome to the Writing Worm, my blog about all things bookish for readers and writers.

Writing Worm Logo

Who Am I And What On Earth Is A Writing Worm

What is a writing worm? Just think of it as a bookworm who’s caught the writing bug. Basically a bookworm + a writer = a writing worm! I guess you could say that I am a writing worm because I love reading and writing all day and every day. On rare occasions when my nose isn’t stuck in a book or my fingers aren’t clacking at a keyboard, you can find me daydreaming, taking walks, doing yoga, or baking biscuits.

What Can You Expect To Read In This Blog

Bookworm problems, book recommendations, writing tips, the craziness of writing. Basically anything reading and writing related. I will talk about the good times of inhaling that new book smell to the bad times of staring at the blank page and wondering what on earth you are supposed to write next.

In Conclusion . . .

If you are a bookworm or writer, you should come check out my blog. If you are not a bookworm or writer, you can still check out my blog and recommend it to your bookish friends. I’ll be posting about once a week on Thursdays. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Happy readings and writings!

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