Bad Times For Inspiration To Strike

If there is something all writers enjoy, it is this: inspiration striking. There is no better feeling than getting great ideas and a lot of them. Write them down right away. It is always best to strike while the iron’s hot when inspiration strikes. You must Drop Everything and Write. But I often find myself in the worse places when inspiration strikes. I try to carry a notebook with me at all times, but things can get a little difficult when you are:

  • In the bathtub: Splish splash, I was writing an epic fantasy in my mind and had to cut my bubble bath short. Inspiration tends to strike in the tub/shower a lot.
  • At church: But at least it was a gospel-related poem.

Writing Inspiration Strikes in a bubble bath

  • At a wedding: I traveled two hours and didn’t know anyone there except the bride, so my actions weren’t too rude . . . except for the fact that I started a story about a character who really hated weddings.
  • Driving the car: Trust me, it is hard to drive and write at the same time. Don’t do it. Either use a phone recorder or scribble what you can at red lights.
  • Before you go to bed: You might as well kiss sleep good-bye because you will be scribbling all night long.

Writing Inspiration Strikes in a car while driving

For when semi-brilliant ideas spring up randomly out of the wilds of my imagination, I find that I need to keep a notebook, phone recorder, and laptop near me at all times. We all know that if you don’t scribble down ideas right away, then no matter how hard you try, you will forget them later. And on the off chance that you do remember them, they won’t be as amazing as when you first thought them. I keep a notebook in all of my bags and near my bed for when inspiration strikes, because it does so when I least expect it.

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