Writer’s Conferences: Where We Meet Others Who Hear Voices In Their Heads

I recently attended the Salt Lake County Library’s Local Authors & You event for the second time. Not only did authors sell, sign, and read their books, but they taught short classes about everything an aspiring author would love to know: building characters, polishing drafts, marketing a book, etc. As I attended this event, it reminded me of the very first writer’s conference I ever attended.

Books on the floor

For those unfamiliar with writer’s conferences, they are events where writers gather to learn, share, network, teach, and just hang out with others of their kind, from New York Times bestselling authors to publishing house editors to aspiring writers. I didn’t know all of this when I first went to the Writers Under Construction conference held by UVU’s continuing education program. In fact, I didn’t really know what was going to happen, I just saw a flyer, paid $39, and hoped for the best.

I got more than the best. I loved it! Brodi Ashton was the keynote speaker and I remember how her inspiring words helped me feel confident in my writing. I remember learning more about the publishing industry than I ever knew before. I remember gawping at authors and thinking, Oh my gosh! I’ve read her books. I love her books! I also remember looking at other authors and thinking, Wow. They don’t look a thing like their cover photo.

After the conference, I was overwhelmed in the best way with an eagerness to write and utilize all of the knowledge I had acquired. I get that feeling after every writer’s conference I have attended. I remember seeing and meeting some of the biggest names in fantasy and science fiction at the LTUE conference. I remember the feeling of companionship when authors acknowledged that they hear voices in their heads at the Indie Author Hub conference. And I remember listening to the words of Utah writers at the Local Authors & You event. Every aspiring author needs to attend writer’s conferences. You can network with editors, learn more about getting your book published, gain knowledge in the craft of writing, and meet some of your favorite heroes.

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