Just A Few Bookworm Problems

I love the Book Nerd Problems videos created by Epic Reads because they could literally be a biography for my entire life. Almost all of the problems bookworms experience are encapsulated in these videos, from accidently reading the second book of a series first to dealing with the death of a favorite character to getting over a book hangover. I love these videos, so here are a few personal suggestions of bookworm problems that Epic Reads still needs to make videos for:

flashlight book reading under covers

  • The old flashlight-under-the-blanket trick: When I was a kid and my parents sent me to bed right when I reading the climax of a story, I would take my purple flashlight and read under the covers for several more hours. I may or may not still do this.
  • Which book to read first: Do you ever get a bunch of great books from the library and can’t decided which one you should start on first, even after you read the inside flap descriptions, take a look at the author bios, and compare covers?
  • The Great Book-Mixing Debate: Are you okay with clashing plots and characters by greedily reading several books at once, or do heroically preserve the integrity of these stories by reading one book at a time (guess which side of this debate I fall on).

books need seatbelts too

  • Buckle-up books: Do you ever pick up so many books from the library that your book bag registers as a person when you put it on the passenger seat of the car? I once buckled up my books, as you can see from the photo below to turn off that blinking passenger light (and also because the books were in danger of tipping).

Do you know more bookworm problems that Epic Reads and I have missed? Mention them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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