Book Recommendation: Wisdom’s Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

I had a difficult time choosing the book recommendation for December. Initially I wanted to pick a read that was Christmas-related, but nothing felt right. Then I tried to pick a book that was inspiring, or at least occurred during the winter season, but still nothing worked. Finally it hit me: Christmas is a magical time of year, so why don’t I pick a book with a little magic in it. So I chose the funny fairy tale of Wisdom’s Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock published in 2011.

Wisdom's Kiss truth requires many voices


This delightful fairy tale is full of schemes, seers, acrobats, cats, grandmothers, heroes, villains, and just a little bit of magic. Princess Wisdom wants to be free of her royal life. Trudy wants to be with Tips, her first love. Tips loves Trudy . . . and Wisdom. The Booted Maestro wants to run a fantastic circus. Nonna Ben is trying to save her kingdom. Wilhelmina wants to take Nonna Ben’s kingdom. And Escoffier, the cat, is there to watch it all.

Wisdom's Kiss experience makes wise men

What makes this winsome story even more fun to read is that it is told from the perspectives of all of these characters through letters, journal entries, missives, plays, memoirs, and an encyclopedia. Readers who love fairy tales will enjoy the twists and turns and humor of Wisdom’s Kiss.

Wisdom's Kiss family-loving family-that survives time


Book Group Questions

  1. This story is told from by many different characters who tell what they though truly happened. Why do you think their perspectives were so different?
  2. People change over time as is shown with the relationship of Trudy and Tips. Why do you think their love for one another, or they idea of this love, changed?
  3. Trudy has the gift of foresight, yet she was not able to see the events that would ultimately shape her life. How have your plans for life changed due to unexpected circumstances?
  4. Tips believes in the love of family. Wisdom is often hasty in her love, but believes that she has actually found true love with Tips. Trudy hangs on with hope to her first love. These are just a few of the many different types of love in this story. Discuss the similarities and differences between these loves and how they are viewed by the characters.

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