Reminiscing Over My Bookshelf (Because Bookworms Do That)

I have a large bookshelf with six shelves. Yet a couple of years ago, I found that I had filled it completely and my books where now spilling over into a shelf in my closet . . . then two shelves . . . then three. My mom knew the perfect remedy:  just get rid of some books. I shuddered at the atrocious thought and soon remedied the anxiety it caused by making a trip to Barnes and Noble.

Just kidding, but seriously. Get rid of some books? Any bookworm knows that books are like old friends, and you don’t just toss them out.


Luckily, I had a better solution. My birthday was coming up, and I asked for a new bookshelf as a gift. After making space, taking measurements, and going shopping, we found a nice little bookshelf that would match perfectly with my room. Once it was built and put in place, I transferred the books that had been overwhelming my closet to my new bookshelf . . . and filled it instantly.

All shelves of the bookshelf were stuffed with my glorious book friends, and I was cursing myself for not thinking ahead and purchasing a larger bookshelf. I had only temporarily relieved my problem. Where I would put my future book purchases?

That Christmas, I asked for bookends.

Of course, the digital age solves the problem of overwhelming amounts of books with eBooks. However, you can’t breathe in an eBook like you do with a new hardback, or turn its pages or admire how it sits on your bookshelf. I have had books not only on my shelves, but on my desk, floor, headboard, bed, and chair all at the same time. Books are my life and they surround me . . . literally. Even though I know my future home will need a room set aside specifically to hold my books, I still adore them as the treasures they are.

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