3 Great Tips For Finding Clean Reads

Some of you may have noticed that the books I recommend have little to no graphic violence, sex, swearing, etc. I prefer reads with clean content because of the standards I try to hold in my life. I also simply enjoy these types of books more. However, often I find what looks like an interesting book, only to later discover that it should be labeled with an R-rating. Though books don’t come with ratings like movies do, here a few tips you can use to discover the content of a book when trying to find clean reads for your kids, teens, or yourself.

clean reads book soap loofah towel

1—Judge the book by its cover

Obviously book covers that show gore or scantily-clad characters indicate the nature of its content. There may also be more subtle hints in the images of a cover that can indicate whether the story is one you may not want to read. Of course, not all covers accurately reflect the content of a book, but they should still be taken into consideration.

2—Check the description and reviews

You can learn more about a book by reading the description found on its back cover, goodreads, and amazon. Though this description only shows a tidbit of the story, sometimes it shows enough for you to know whether the content will be clean or not. Also skim the reviews found on goodreads and amazon, because they can provide additional information.

3—Look at book-rating sites

There are several sites online which parents can use to find the age-rating of a book and the content in it. One I especially love to use is Common Sense Media, which provides ratings and recommendations for books, movies, music, and video games.

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