Me vs. Ebooks

Confession: I have purchased ebooks before *children scream, lovers cry, poets dream.* Yes, it is true. Me, a bookworm extraordinaire, has succumbed to the digital craze that is ebooks. However, despite my failings, I am still a huge supporter of physical books. I only purchase ebooks if they are free and unavailable at my library, but otherwise, nothing surpasses holding a real book in hand complete with a cover, pages, dust jacket, etc. Real books are better than ebooks. Even though this argument is an old, overwrought one, I am going to launch it again with my own personal preferences to paper books, which include the following:

books vs ebooks

  • That new book smell. A tablet doesn’t smell like anything in particular, while a real book holds the fragrance of ink, paper, and happiness.
  • Your favorite author cannot sign a copy of your ebook, at least not yet. Paper books, however, can carry a personal message from the creator of that story.
  • I love nothing more that walking into a bookstore (or library) and just relishing the feeling of being surrounding by hundreds of wonderful books.
  • Who doesn’t love having rows upon rows of books filling your shelf? Granted I am running out of space for all of my books (numbering 300+), but that is a problem I rather enjoy having.
  • If you get angry about a plot twist, character death, etc., then you can throw the book across the room and it will come out of the encounter unscathed (well, with a few bent pages here and there). However, if you get angry at an ebook, then you will ruin a very expensive piece of equipment when expressing your frustration at the author.
  • Who doesn’t love collecting fun, wacky, pretty, unique bookmarks? You can’t do that with ebooks.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the battery issue. A paper book isn’t going to run out of charge during an epic climax. Paper books are dependable, while ebooks can stop in the middle of a

So now you know why I will always prefer paper book, though my reasons may mostly be due to the fact that I don’t own a tablet. However, I think that I will always choose paper books until the world goes completely digital. Tell us why you love physical books in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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