Help Refugees In Need By Bidding At The Writing For Charity Auction

I am doing an extra blog post this week to promote the amazing Writing For Charity Refugee Benefit Auction. The Writing For Charity organization and numerous authors have gathered together to donate their skills, knowledge, books, and much more in order to gather proceeds for the Lifting Hands International charity group, which supports the many refugees in need. The charity auction ends on Monday May 2nd, 2016, so come and donate to this wonderful cause!

Writing For Charity Refugee Benefit Auction
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There are many reasons why bookworms, writers, and everyone else should participate in this auction. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • We are all people, and we need to support and love one another during times of crisis. Just think of all of the families uprooted from their homes, jobs, and lives because of horrible wars. We need to work together to support these refugees and give them a second chance. Make a bid at the Writing For Charity Refugee Benefit Auction to help them. For more ideas on how you can support refugee efforts, take a look at the I Was A Stranger program.
  • You will not only be supporting charity if you bid in this auction, but you will also earn some great stuff. Just take a look at what’s offered. You can get your favorite books signed by the author, or even better, you can actually meet the author. You can have a character named after you or get an ARC of a book before it is published. There are also fun, random little things being auctioned, like the Dr. Who hand-knitted washcloths made by author Kristin Cashore.
  • Aspiring writers have an amazing opportunity to have their manuscripts critiqued by numerous authors. Can you believe that? How often do you get an experienced, New York Times Bestselling author to thoroughly review a draft of your book, offer suggestions for improvement, and help you become a better writer? You won’t believe how many authors are donating this package, and I will definitely be bidding for one of them.
  • Some items offered in this auction still don’t have a bid on them yet! Support a good cause and earn something bookish/writingish that you will enjoy and benefit from.

Remember, the Writing For Charity Refugee Benefit Auction ends on Monday May 2nd, 2016, so click here to start bidding for awesome writing critiques, book packages, and much more.

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