Book Recommendation—The Ravenous Gown: And 14 More Tales About Real Beauty

Once upon a time, some of us may have associated summer with camping and popsicles, but now we often equate it with swimsuit season and getting the perfect tan. The world’s perception of beauty seems to become narrower and narrower, leading many people to experience feelings of depression and inadequacy. However, Steffani Raff shows us a beauty that holds true worth in her book The Ravenous Gown: And 14 More Tales About Real Beauty which was published by Familius in 2015. These fairy tales range from humorous to intriguing as they show us a type of beauty that actually lasts.

The Ravenous Gown-Beauty showed itself in laughter, in friendship, in love, instead of a reflection


What is real beauty? Well we know that it is not about having a pretty dress as a princess proves when she feeds her clothing in “The Ravenous Gown.” Nor is it one’s reflection as an entire kingdom learns when they get rid of their mirrors in “Beauty’s Curse.” From a prince who does not realize his nose is too big to a dragon hatcher who makes a monster from her own perceived flaws, these characters all learn what is truly beautiful before earning their happily every afters.

The Ravenous Gown-I am happy with who I am today

These ingenious fairy tales show an insightful perspective on true beauty and appreciating yourself. The stories are fun, entertaining, brilliant, and incredibly poignant. Teens, kids, and adults will all love this book and will learn to love themselves as well.

The Ravenous Gown-inside each of us is greatness

Book Group Questions

  1. What is real beauty? How can we change our perceptions of ourselves and others to find the real beauty inside?
  2. What type of real beauty is displayed in each story?
  3. Why do you think the author chose to tell these stories in a fairy tale style?
  4. Do you think happily ever afters can last when they are based on real beauty like the kind shown in these stories?

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