Writing Groups: Your Best Grammar Nazis And Friends

If you attend writer’s conferences, you will hear many authors tell you about the importance of having a writing group. After hearing this advice repeatedly, I finally joined one. I have found that being part of a writing group not only helps improve my writing, but it is also a fun opportunity to meet others who love creating books and stories. Are some of you still hesitant? If so, then check out these reasons for joining a writing group:

pick your writing utensil

  • You will write more regularly if you have a group of people expecting you to deliver a section of your story on a monthly basis. Procrastination and writer’s block can no longer be a force against your writing.
  • Have you ever looked at your writing, decided it needed improvement, but didn’t know how to make it better? A writing group can offer suggestions on how to tweak a good story so it will become a great one.
  • Though most writing groups consist of alpha readers who suggest content changes for the plot and characters of your book, they can also be a lifesaver with proofreading. I don’t even want to mention the embarrassing grammatical errors my writing group has caught in my writing, though I am very glad they found them.
  • Your group not only gets to read your writing, but you get to read their cool stories as well and offer constructive criticism for your writing buddies.

Are you sold on writing groups now? If so, then join one with your writer friends or with those you meet at writing conferences. The members of your writing group are bound to help you improve your writing so your story can become the best it possibly can.

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