Bookmarks Are Your Friends And I Am A Nerd

What is one of the many reasons the world shouldn’t convert to ebooks? No bookmarks! I love bookmarks and am always sad when I accidently lose one to a library book (though very happy when I find those others have lost in their library books). Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes, so I am going to share some of my favorite ones (because I am a nerd like that).

cross-stitched bookmarks

Cross-Stitched Bookmarks

My grandma loved to sew, crochet, and read. So one Christmas, she made me the beautiful bookmark pictured on the left. A couple of years later, when I spent the summer cleaning her house, I found the second bookmark pictured on the right. My grandma didn’t want it, so she gave it to me.

Doctor Who bookmark 2

Doctor Who Bookmark

I am a nerd.

I saw this bookmark at Barnes & Noble and thought to myself, “I must have that bookmark.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough extra money on my gift card to buy it along with my books. In fact, I was already going over the amount on the card, seeing as I am a book addict. And because I am a book addict, I bought the whovian bookmark anyways.

beaded bookmark

Beaded Bookmark

This bookmark actually accompanied a book I won at a writer’s conference. I wasn’t too impressed with the book, but I loved the bookmark.

a magnet bookmark

Magnetic Bookmark

When I saw this magnetic bookmark in the store, I thought it was the stupidest thing in existence because I didn’t realize that the magnets were used to keep it firmly on a page. Instead I thought it was a bookmark you just stuck on the fridge, in other words, completely pointless. Unbeknownst to me, my little brother had already bought me this bookmark as a Christmas present. He was, needless to say, annoyed at my reaction, despite my later explanations of how I just misunderstood the nature of the bookmark.

lotr bookmark

LOTR Bookmark

See the first line for the Doctor Who bookmark.

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