Travels Of A Book Tourist: My New Book Review Series

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new navigation tab, Travels Of A Book Tourist. This is because I have decided to start book blogging! Now some of you may be thinking, “You were already book blogging.” It is true that I have made monthly book recommendations for some of my favorite reads, but this new series will be slightly different.

Book blog tours

What’s the Difference?

With my Book Recommendations series (found under the Confessions Of A Bookworm tab), I suggest books that I have already read previously. These are books I love and feel I should share them with the world.

With book blogging, I will be reading a review copy of a book for the first time. Publishers and authors often share upcoming novels with book bloggers for marketing purposes. This marketing tool is called a book blog tour. The blogger will read the book and then share their honest review. So I may not absolutely love every book I read, but my blog fans will get to hear about some new and upcoming books.

What Books Will I Share?

I will focus on the novels produced by local Utah publishing companies because many of them publish clean reads and I already enjoy several of their books. I will mention which publishing company gave me a review copy in my individual Book Review posts.

Will I Get Paid?

No, but I get books, which are kind of better than money in many ways.

Will I Still Continue My Book Recommendations Series?

Yes. There are too many great books I have already read that I want to share. So my blog followers will get to hear about even more books now that I have this new series, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

I hope you enjoy my new series, Travels Of A Book Tourist, starting tomorrow! Keep an eye out for future posts about new and upcoming reads.

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