Book Review: The Time Key By Melanie Bateman

If you like books with beautifully crafted characters, poetic storytelling, thought-provoking ideas, and intricate plots about time travel, then I suggest you read The Time Key by Melanie Bateman which was published by Cedar Fort Publishing. In reviewing this book, I found it to be a fascinating tale that opened your mind and tugged at your heartstrings with its beautiful narrative and characters.

“It’s all part of our journey in this world of many, creating dark tragedies or hopeful fairytales, and although black at times, the colorful array of stories needs darkness to allow for light.”

The Time Key via Cedar Fort Publishing
Image via Cedar Fort Publishing


After six years of grief over the loss of his wife and daughter, Stanley Becker decides to take his life. But his story does not end that cold December evening of 1897, but rather it begins when he saves a stranger from mysterious, shadowy creatures. The stranger leaves Stanley with two gifts: the time key that allows him to travel to the past and future, and the tiny vaelie girl who helps him to love again. But as Stanely struggles to change the past and protect his young charge, he learns of a destiny he never expected.

“One thing he did know—the past that he wanted to change was out of his reach, but he was convinced that the future was the only time he could change himself.”

Review—4 stars

I received a digital copy of The Time Key from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

I felt that The Time Key was a beautiful, complex story full of heart and plot twists. I was very impressed with this book, especially since it is Melanie Bateman’s debut novel. From the very beginning it catches your interest, especially since the narrator’s charismatic, poetic voice is storytelling at its best. This beautifully crafted book just keeps getting more and more interesting as it goes on, having a plot twist around every corner.

“Whatever happened in your past, leave it. Love and live. Embrace what you have, because time forgives nothing and cannot be controlled, not even with a time machine.”

I also loved the different characters and felt that they had such heart, soul, and vibrance. I especially loved seeing Stanley change through his struggles with addiction, his trials through time, his fatherly love for Lena, and his acceptance of his fate. The complexity of The Time Key also kept me interested all the way through to the touching, bittersweet ending. This is a great book I think everybody would love, especially readers who enjoy stories about time travel, history, and characters who grow and make hard choices.

To see more reviews of The Time Key, check it out on Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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