You Say YA? I Say Why Not!?

Kids read kid books. Teens read teen books. Adults read adult books. Right? Wrong! Even though I am an adult with a college degree, job, etc., I love reading YA (young adult) books. Stories written for teens are some of my favorites, even though that may make me seem immature to some people. However, lots of adults seek YA novels, so here are a few of the reason why I personally love reading the YA genre.

YA lit

The Ultimate Rite Of Passage

Those familiar with the hero’s journey cycle found in most stories know that the hero begins in the known world, and then through a series of trials and struggles, travels through the unknown world and becomes a different person because of their experiences. This rite of passage seen in books and cultures makes for perfect YA storytelling. The protagonists are teenagers who are already going through rite of passage of sorts as they change from a child into an adult.

Open To Possibilities

YA fiction has the benefit of being more open to fantasy, adventure, and humor. Adults have responsibilities and tend to be more serious while teenagers are still allowed to have hopes, laughter, and dreams. YA books are full of possibilities.

Keeping It Clean

YA literature tends to be cleaner than adults novels. Not always, but often. This is because teenagers have parents who will be all, “Watch your language, young lady!” or “Have her home by midnight, young man.” Additionally, many teenagers are still innocent to the depravities of the world, which is refreshing.

Reverting To Adolescence Is More Fun Than Living It

When I read books, I like to escape my world and walk in the character’s shoes. With YA books, I can be young and without adult responsibilities like taxes and bills. Instead I can learn how to drive a car again, attend high school, and go to prom (where there will inevitably be a smackdown of some sort, as is seen in most YA fiction).

If you want to feed your inner teenager, then try out some YA books. To tell us why you love YA, share your thoughts in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

One thought on “You Say YA? I Say Why Not!?

  1. I love YA books too despite being an adult lol I don’t know why. It’s just something about the storylines, the characters and the sometimes, deep subtext which really intrigues me. Even though main characters tend to be teenagers, the best authors incorporate common themes and trials which are so relatable. I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading YA fiction!


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