Book Review: Sigil In Shadow By Constance Roberts

If you want a story led by a smart, strong heroine who has to grapple with unexpected life changes and secrets, then I suggest you read Sigil In Shadow by Constance Roberts which was published by Cedar Fort Publishing. I found this tale to be an exciting story with the surprises waiting around every corner and a lead character who I could truly respect.

“Once again, without even trying, I have slipped out of the clutches of consequence and into the embrace of fortune. How many more times will I need to rely on this wild luck?”

Sigil In Shadow via Cedar Fort
Image via Cedar Fort Publishing


Ellary is just a poor girl selling tonics, tinctures, and balms in order to support herself and her ailing father. But that all changes when she supposedly brings a King’s officer back to life. Soon Ellary finds herself in the King’s palace, studying under the most renowned physician in the land in hopes of recreating the resurrection potion. But what the court doesn’t know is that Ellary was the one who attacked the King’s officer in the first place in order to save her father. As Ellary’s secrets and lies continue to build, she just might run out of luck.

“Even with everything I had been through, I never questioned my faith. I can just look at the sky and the mountains and the river and know that all men and women are united under Heaven.”

Review—4 Stars

I received a digital copy of Sigil In Shadow from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

This is an enjoyable story with a heroine I definitely wanted to root for. It adds conflict from the very beginning and it keeps weaving plot twists and complexities. The author also does an excellent job at maintaining tension throughout by having Ellary balance truth and lies in order to save herself. I felt that element was key to the development of the story, and it certainly helped keep my interest.

“I have my life and that’s all I deserve. But I’ll take it, and thank Heaven for the gracious blessing. Even with no name, no lands, and no husband, I have so much more than some. I think the key is to find beauty in the small and simple things. Even if we fail to do so, or fall short of our expectations, there’s still eternal happiness waiting for us in the afterlife.”

What I love most about Ellary is how she is a strong, smart character whose moral compass points north. I like how she doesn’t want pomp and riches, but finds happiness in simplicity. I especially enjoyed the choices she had to make: lying to save herself, or telling a truth which may bring uncertain doom.

To see more reviews of Sigil In Shadow, check it out on Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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