#TBT For My Blog’s Year Mark: My Top 5 Posts

Hello followers! Believe it or not, it has been a whole year since I first started the Writing Worm blog! I have really enjoyed posting about books, reading, and writing, and I hope to continue to do lots more in the future. To celebrate my blog’s year mark (and Throwback Thursday), I’ve decided to share some of my favorite posts I’ve written since beginning my blog.

book on box

“15 Quotes To Inspire You To Write”—July 24, 2015

Writing is hard and can sometimes get you down when you’re stumped with writer’s block. If you feel the writer’s blues coming on, then check out these amazing inspirational quotes for writers. People from Benjamin Franklin to Toni Morrison impart their wisdom to writer’s everywhere.

“Hooks Are For Fish, Pirates, And Readers”—August 13, 2015

Many readers only take a look at the first few pages of a book before deciding it isn’t for them. So how do you keep readers interested in your story? With a hook! Learn how to draw readers in from the very first sentence and keep them asking questions about your story and what will happen next.

Pirate hook in the pages of a book
NOTE: no interesting book was harmed in the making of this photo . . . Arrgghh!

“How To Make A Bookish Wreath”—August 27, 2015

Even though books decorate my shelves, desk, bed, and even my floor, I decided to spread the book love to my walls as well. This easy, DIY book wreath is bound to make any bookworm happy, and the supplies for creating it are very inexpensive too.

“6 Steps To A Healthier Writer”—January 14, 2016

Even though sitting at a desk typing all day doesn’t involve strenuous effort, it can still wear you out. In order to prevent fatigue, eye strain, and carpal tunnel, I provide some tips for writers to follow that keep them healthy. Take breaks, use wrist rests, and stretch occasionally so you can feel better as you write.

“3 Tips For Finding Clean Reads”—February 19, 2016

I love clean, uplifting stories, but because books don’t come with ratings like movies, I sometimes find myself accidentally checking out books filled with graphic violence, sex, or swearing. In this post, I share some advice on how you can find clean reads for your family and for yourself.

clean reads book soap loofah towel

If you enjoyed other posts I have written in the past year, then I invite you to share them in the comments below or on social media. Happy readings and writings!

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