3 Fun Writing Activities For Kids

Parents, this post is for you. Summer can be great fun for kids, but even with swimming, camping, and hanging out with friends, your children may still get a little bored at times, especially during long road trips and rainy days. So here are some writing activities that will not only entertain your children, but also help them get their creative juices flowing. Writing can be fun with these activities, whether you are 6 or 106!

fun writing activities for kids

1—Monstrous Descriptions

This writing activity is like the game of telephone combined with Pictionary. Begin by having your child draw a monster, making sure the other children in the group don’t see each other’s drawings. When they finish, have them write a paragraph describing their monster, detailing its color, size, shape, polka dots, etc. Then have the children exchange their descriptions and try to recreate their monster pictures based on the description. Compare the drawings afterwards to admire the similarities and laugh at the differences.

2—Story Time With A Twist

This activity is fun for a group of kids sitting around a campfire. Start by telling a story, and after getting a little bit into your tale, pass it on to the next child in the circle. They will continue the story you began, but will add their own twists to the plot and characters. After they tell some of the story, have them pass it on to the next child and the next one until you complete the circle and the story. You can do this activity orally, or have everyone start their own stories on paper and pass them along, sharing all of the completed tales afterwards.

3—Write Your Story Promptly

This classic writing exercise can be turned into a fun activity for kids. You simply need to give your child a funny, adventurous, or spooky writing prompt and see what they do with it. Your child can even draw pictures to accompany their story. Make up your own beginnings or look up writing prompts online. You could even use the book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg to supply some eerie story beginnings and pictures.

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