Book Review: Accidentally Me By Kim Karras

Stalkers are scary, but hiring someone to pretend to stalk you is hilarious in Accidentally Me by Kim Karras published by Cedar Fort Publishing. This fun, quirky novel will make you laugh out loud and choke up with tears. It is romantic comedy at its best as well as a tale about growing up and making mistakes.

“It’s one thing to go out with a skeezy guy in a rusted Ford Escort. It’s another thing entirely to go out with your little sister’s pretend stalker.”

Accidentally Me via Cedar Fort
Image via Cedar Fort Publishing


Awkward, unnoticed Sabrina feels like she is a mistake, an accident, which is why she tries to do everything in her power to be perfect. But things aren’t going in her way when her parents don’t let her go to Caltech because it’s too far and too expensive. So Sabrina devises a plan to pay Calvin, an old high school acquaintance, to pretend stalk her. If her parents don’t think Sabrina is safe in Idaho, then maybe they will let her go to Caltech. Right? But Sabrina’s plans soon start to go awry, especially when she begins to develop a crush on Calvin.

“Maybe I have been using my parents’ mistake as an excuse for not making any of my own.”

Review—5 Stars

I received a digital copy of Accidentally Me from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

I loved this book! It is hilarious throughout, from its concept to Sabrina’s little quirks. I kept laughing the whole time I was reading it. But not only is it fun, it also makes you feel a full range of emotions. I really empathized with Sabrina and couldn’t wait to see where her story, and her family’s story, would go next.

“Life doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. From what I can tell, some of the best things in life just happen, accidentally.”

What I felt Kim Karras did really well in this book was developing excellent characters. They were all so real to me: sympathy for Sabrina, frustration with her mother, the tender love of her father, and the love/hate relationship with Calvin. All of the characters really moved the story along. I also enjoyed following Sabrina’s path as she learned to accept herself, work hard, and try new things. I especially loved the theme: that even though we all make mistakes, they won’t destroy us. Excellent story. I really, really enjoyed it.

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