Book Review—Mysteries Of Cove: Gears Of Revolution By J. Scott Savage

If you want to read a steampunk adventure, then check out the second book in the Mysteries Of Cove series, Gears Of Revolution by J. Scott Savage published by Shadow Mountain Publishing. In this book, inventors Trenton and Kallista continue to follow Leo Babbage’s clues and discover other cities, people, plots, and conspiracies in a dragon-ravaged world.

Image via Shadow Mountain Publishing

 “For a hundred and fifty years, we’ve hidden from the monsters that drove us underground. Now it’s our turn to fight back.”


After defeating the green dragon that attacked the city of Cove, Trenton and Kallista leave their home on their mechanical dragon to find the inventor Leo Babbage. Soon they discover the underground city of Seattle which consists of two groups: the Order that worships dragons as divine beings, and the Whipjacks who want to fight dragons. But as Trenton and Kallista help the Whipjacks create weapons to defeat the dragons, they realize that everyone is hiding secrets, and they don’t know who to trust.

“Caring doesn’t stop with the people you see every day. Selflessness crosses all borders.”

Review—4 Stars

I received an ARC of Gears Of Revolution from Shadow Mountain Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this action-packed, steampunk adventure and can’t wait to see where it goes next. Savage has created an intricate, fascinating world as well as a plot that has you asking questions throughout the book. He definitely did a great job at keeping my interest as I read the story, and I really wanted to become a part of this world.

“If you only try the things you believe you can do, you’ll only accomplish the things you already knew you could do. But if you give yourself permission to fail, you’re free to try the things that seem completely beyond your reach. And that’s when magic happens.”

One of my favorite parts of this story was Kallista. I loved her spunky, stubborn nature and her bluntness with everything. Even though she was a pain at times, her character is bright, bold, and unique. I also love the friendship she has with the level-headed Trenton. The two make quite a pair. Overall, this novel is a perfect blend of steampunk, dragons, and adventure.

To read more reviews of Mysteries Of Cove: Gears Of Revolution check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.

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