Book Review: The Second Season By Heather Chapman

Regency romance fans will want to take a look at The Second Season by Heather Chapman published by Cedar Fort Publishing. The characters of this book will sing to the hearts of readers who love Jane Austen’s novels because this story has matchmaking mothers with matrimonial schemes, incorrigible flirts, bold daughters, and humble shoemakers.

Image via Cedar Fort

“If everything went according to her mother’s plan, Caroline would be married this year. To whom, she did not know.”


Lady Hopkins plans on marrying her daughters—Lucy and Caroline—to rich, titled men in hopes that they won’t be married for their fortunes like she was. When they go to London for a season and Lord Searly shows interest in Caroline, it seems as if Lady Hopkins schemes are falling into place. But Caroline is not one to be pushed into her mother’s matchmaking plots, and she is not entirely sure she likes Lord Searly for being an incorrigible flirt. Plus there is the matter of her feelings for Mr. Carter, a cordwainer from a lower class.

“I am sure a true gentleman would never venture to embellish his talents or traits, just as a true genteel woman would never exaggerate the truth.”

Review—3.5 Stars

I received a digital review copy of The Second Season from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

I felt that the strongest point of this story was the characters. They were incredibly real to me, so much so that I became frustrated with some of them and despaired at the losses of others. Caroline was an especially enjoyable character to travel with, and I loved her bluntness, sound judgment, and the fact that she wouldn’t let others push her around. Many of the characters and other elements to this book reminded me of Jane Austen’s novels, which isn’t a bad thing for a regency romance.

“They knew what the bottom looked like, and they had both taken the opportunity to rise above it.”

However, on a negative note, there were many times when I lost interest in the story. In some ways I felt it didn’t really add anything new or interesting to the regency romance genre, and there were several parts of the book that seemed clichéd. But overall, I felt that it was a nice, enjoyable story that romance lovers would enjoy. I especially liked the elements with Lord and Lady Hopkins, showing their past and how it affected their future.

To see more reviews of The Second Season, check it out on Amazon, Goodreads, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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