A Bookworm’s Greatest Fears

There is an episode of The Twilight Zone that all bookworms can relate to. In “Time Enough At Last,” which aired in 1959, Burgess Meredith plays obsessive bookworm Henry Bemis, who never seems to have enough time to read because of his job as a banker and his nagging wife. But when he is the sole survivor of the apocalypse, he finally has all the time he needs to read to his heart’s content. Then, the unthinkable happens. His glasses break and he can’t see well enough to read all of the books he has gathered.

Scary, right?

Okay, so non-bookworms may be rolling their eyes at me right now, but book addicts like myself have plenty of fears where reading and books are concerned. And since Halloween is approaching, I have decided to share some of a bookworm’s greatest fears.

Burgess Meredith playing the bookworm who just broke his glasses. Image via Cayuga Productions and CBS.

1— Losing your place: Some bookmarks are strong, others are slippery, and sometimes, you have butterfingers and drop the book while reading it.

2—Lending out books from your personal library: Will they dog-ear the book? Will they mark it up? Will they lose it!? Will they drop it in a puddle of acid!?!?

3—Accidentally ripping a page: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

4—Dropping a book in the bath: Blow dryers are your friends . . . unless you were using an e-reader (see post about why physical books are better than ebooks).

5—Embarrassing yourself in front of your favorite author: “I’m your biggest fan!!!!” *insert a billion heart and star emojis*

6—Facing your TBR pile: And promptly being flattened by over a hundred books when the pile tips over.

7—Losing a library book: They will never let me visit again!!! . . . unless I just accrue library fines . . . forever.

8—When someone asks what you are reading: Quick! Say something intelligent! War And Peace!

Tell us some of your greatest fears as a bookworm. Share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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