A Writer’s Greatest Fears

Those who don’t have a lot of experience writing may find the task difficult, or even terrifying. However, writers themselves have a whole new set of fears when it comes to putting pen to paper. We both love writing and hate it, and at times, we may feel scared to do it. Since Halloween is approaching, I have decided to share some of a writer’s greatest fears.


1—Writer’s block. Some brave souls say that this mythical monster doesn’t exist. Some brave souls are wrong. (If this is your fear, then here are a few ways to overcome writer’s block).

2—Killing off a beloved character: Just kidding, writers love to do this while laughing manically. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

3—You have nothing to write on: Brilliant ideas only come when there is no computer, notebook, or even napkins present (here are some other bad times for inspiration to strike).

4—Your book reminds me of . . . : If others compare your book to the Harry Potter series, then that’s great. If they compare it to Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, or a doorstop alternative, well . . .

5—Broken pencil: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

6—It wasn’t that good: When you’re writing it, every word sounds brilliant. When you read through it the next day, it looks like the equivalent to a dog vomiting up a dictionary.

7—The editing side of writing: You will only find the horribly obvious grammatical errors after you send the email.

8—You unintentionally plagiarizing another book: “Hmmm, my story reminds me of something . . . oh, wait.” *face palm*

9—Your computer crashes and you lose all of the files for your book: NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not the blue screen of death!

10—Having someone reading your completed story for the first time: Do they like it? Do they hate it? What if they find an egregious spelling error?!

Tell us some of your greatest fears as a writer. Share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter

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