Book Review: The Unsaid By Aaron Blaylock

We often leave many of our thoughts unspoken, but others hear them in The Unsaid written by Aaron Blaylock and published by Cedar Fort Publishing. In this book, spirit beings in a pre-earth life keep record of all of the unsaid thoughts. Though The Unsaid was not my favorite book, it definitely had an interesting concept and I love how it showed the positive influence we can have on others.

Image via Cedar Fort Publishing

“Ours is an important work; we are entrusted with the thoughts of those who have gone before us. These thoughts will shape who they are and what they will become.”


As Maggie waits for her turn to gain a body and live on earth, she curates the unspoken thoughts of her beholden, Eric. When Eric meets Lindsey at work, Maggie hopes that this opportunity will brighten his life after a very dark year. But Lindsey has trials too, trials which force Maggie to make a choice that may ruin her chance at living on earth.

“Honesty is not only truth telling, it is truth living.”

Review—3 Stars

I received a digital copy of The Unsaid from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

To be frank, I didn’t love the first half of this book. However, it improved during most of the second half and I felt that the story ended well because of it. It definitely had an interesting concept, and the dialogue between sweet Maggie and snarky Eric was highly entertaining.

“I don’t understand how or why people hate a thing. It didn’t ask to be. It’s just here, like you and me. It was created and it just is. I don’t see the point in hating it.”

However, there were many parts of the first half of the book that I disliked. Eric, for one, is too snarky and whiny, and not in a likeable way (which is not a good thing for a main character). In contrast, Maggie’s personality was too intangible, and I didn’t feel her motives for sacrificing everything were organic or clear enough. I also felt that Eric’s and Lindsey’s relationship became too intense too quickly, and they didn’t seem like a good match for most of the story.

The main problem I had was that the story didn’t really get started until halfway through the book. However, once we got past that point, I started to enjoy it more. It became more interesting, had great buildup, and gave us entertaining banter between Maggie and Eric. Additionally, Eric started to feel more likeable and his relationship with Lindsey began to look more realistic at this point. Though I enjoyed the second half of the story, I feel that overall this book was not well executed.

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