Book Review: To Suit A Suitor By Paula Kremser

If you would like to read a fun regency romance rife with humor, misunderstandings, and a couple of rash agreements, then here is a book for you. To Suit A Suitor by Paula Kremser is published by Cedar Fort Publishing. This book made me laugh a lot as Julia tries to figure out why she keeps getting jilted by her suitors.

Image via Cedar Fort Publishing

“Julia didn’t understand why Mother always made such a fuss about the effort of finding a new suitor. That was the easy part. It was keeping them that Julia couldn’t seem to manage.”


Lord Montague has spent a lot of money on the families of his two deceased wives, so when he proposes marriage to Mrs. North, it is only under the condition that her two daughters marry first so he won’t have to pay their dowries. As a result, Mrs. North tries to force her daughters into fast engagements. However, this is not so easy for Julia who, after three London seasons, has had yet another suitor jilt her. Tired of so much courtship, she leaves London to stay with her cousin in Somersetshire. There she meets Henry Chamberlain, the man that every eligible young woman in town wants to marry. Julia has no desire to win his affections, but it is this attitude that catches Henry’s eye.

“Julia again wanted to have the last word, but restrained herself from saying something to his departing back, remembering that last time it had just made her feel foolish. Unfortunately, he turned back and caught her staring after him from the doorway and she felt foolish anyway.”

Review—4.5 Stars

I received a digital review copy of To Suit A Suitor from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

This was an excellent regency romance that kept me smiling and laughing throughout. Fans of romantic comedies and the regency genre will love this book, from Lord Montague’s deal to the attempts of horseback riding to the slew of misunderstandings. Chemistry is apparent right from the moment Henry witnesses Julia’s fly-catching attempts. Even those who aren’t a fan of regency romances will still find this an enjoyable read.

“She had never hidden her imperfections from him and he had fallen in love with her anyway. In fact, he vowed he had fallen in love with her because of them.”

Kremser creates two excellent leads for the story who are a perfect match for each other. I also felt she did an excellent job at creating their flaws and doubts, from how Julia changes her personality because of her mother’s influence to how Henry isn’t sure he can ever love again. This made them believable and likeable. I also adored the many humorous situations and how everything wrapped up perfectly in the end. Excellent job.

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