Writing Prompts: The Christmas Edition

‘Tis the season to be writing! However, writing every day can be difficult amid all of the excitement of Christmas and overall holiday busyness, so here’s a little help with some Christmas writing prompts. During this new monthly series, I will share a few writing prompts (related to the time and season) that will help you exercise your writing muscles. So what are you waiting for? Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a little Christmas cheer into your life.


  1. Anna wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her family during their annual Christmas party, but they take a wrong turn and accidentally crash a Hanukkah party.
  2. The three wise men get robbed while traveling to Bethlehem. What gifts are they supposed to give the baby Jesus now?
  3. Santa just had a tooth pulled and is still loopy from the anesthesia. While heading back to the North Pole, Mrs. Claus crashes the sleigh and loses Santa in a mall full of mall Santas!
  4. It’s Christmas Eve, and Patrick and Ellie have just realized they accidently purchased the wrong present for their six-year-old son.
  5. Rudolph goes on strike. How will Santa and his reindeer deliver presents now?
  6. This may be the last Christmas Elizabeth spends with her terminally ill father, but what can she do when she gets trapped at the airport during a blizzard?

Do you have any other fun ideas for Christmas writing prompts? Share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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