Book Review: Mischief & Manors By Ashtyn Newbold

Some may complain that regency romances are all the same, but add a little mischief in them and you can enjoy a different kind of love story with lots of quirks and laughs. Mischief & Manors by Ashtyn Newbold is published by Cedar Fort Publishing. Enjoy the teasings, misunderstandings, and funny situations in this delightful period romance.

Image via Cedar Fort Publishing

“Broken fingernails and tattered lace were the cause of problems for many young ladies. A missing invitation to a ball could start a revolt. Surely the snub of a handsome gentleman would be enough to retrieve the smelling salts. But today, much like every day, it wasn’t any of these things that were causing me trouble. It was my younger brothers.”


Annette’s brothers, like all young boys, are notorious mischief-makers. But after their last escapade, their cruel aunt has had enough. She sends the siblings away to an old family friend at Kellaway Manor, ordering Annette to correct her brother’s behavior over the summer. Handsome Dr. Owen Kellaway offers to teach the young brothers lessons on being gentlemen, but Annette only remembers Owen as a trouble-maker from her youth. However, as they get to know each other, Annette finds herself falling for Owen. But others want to marry him, and Annette soon finds that being close to Owen may put her life in danger.

“Yes, he was very handsome. But that did not mean he was not still very infuriating.”

Review—4 Stars

I received a digital copy of Mischief & Manors from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

This sweet tale is full of humor and heart. I laughed out loud many times over Owen’s insufferable teasing and enjoyed how he and Annette matched head to head with their competitive natures. I especially loved how Annette is different from other regency heroines: independent, willing to stand up for herself, and really not into dresses and balls. This delightful story will have you sighing with satisfaction with its humor and tenderness.

“And suddenly, for the first time, it felt like my heart was trying to tell me something. It surprised me so much that I quickly blocked it out before I heard it. I couldn’t listen to my heart! My heart listened to me—I was in charge. My heart had always known that. So why did I feel like that was bound to change?”

In addition to the brothers, Owen, and occasionally Annette, I was delighted with how the grandma was mischievous as well. One of my favorite parts was when the grandmother created a fake engagement, adding a little regency-style While You Were Sleeping to the story. Though I felt that some of the romance and revelation of secrets happened a little too fast in this book, overall it was a sweet tale which made me laugh at the teasing and agonize over the misunderstandings.

To see more reviews of Mischief & Manors, check it out on Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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