Book Review: Aspen Everlasting By Kathryn Cooper

If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, and fairies like you’ve never seen them before, then come check out this read. Aspen Everlasting is written by Kathryn Cooper and published as an ebook by Cedar Fort Publishing. Though I felt this book needed work on character reactions and style, I did like the story in general and how the fairies had strength, speed, and other abilities.

Image via Cedar Fort Publishing


Aspen’s life seems pretty normal between school, swim practice, and crushing on her best friend Nate. But everything changes when she and her sister demonstrate supernatural powers after their car slips into a flooded river. They discover that they are Evermortals, a race of fairies that uses their abilities to help human kind. But danger is around the corner as Aspen learns that other Evermortals are after her family, and that her parents are hiding even more secrets about her identity.

“We were Evermortals. We were unique.”

Review—3 Stars

I received a digital copy of Aspen Everlasting from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Though I did like this story, I felt that the style and many other details could have used improvement. I suppose my biggest complaint would have to be with the characters’ emotions and reactions. Often how the characters felt or acted didn’t really make sense for the situation, like the parents giving a lengthy explanation of the Evermortals while running for their lives, how the kids instantly believed all of this stuff with ease, or Aspen laughing one moment then yelling angrily the next with no indication of the cause of the sudden change. These confusing reactions happened often in the book, making it feel confusing and unrealistic.

“Maybe I shouldn’t date anyone now, since I’m a different species from my peers.”

Some other problems I had with this book were the textbook-like infodumps, awkward style and sentence structure, excessive explanation of insignificant details, etc. That being said, the concept of the story was certainly interesting and I started to warm up to it near the end. I also liked Aspen and Nate’s joking camaraderie and how she was confident in defending herself.

To see more reviews of Aspen Everlasting, check it out on Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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