Do You Need An Advanced Degree To Become A Great Writer?

A couple of weeks ago, I started an online grad school program at SNHU. I am working to earn an MA in English & Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction. So far, I love my classes even though they keep me very, very, very busy. But before I decided that I wanted to go to grad school, I had a lot of questions about whether it was a good option for me and whether an advanced degree was really necessary in helping me become a better writer.


Looking To My Peers And Idols

My journey began when my coworker went back to school to get an MA in English & Creative Writing. She told me about her classes, showed me her assignments, and I started to think that I might be interested in doing this as well. But I couldn’t help but ask myself an important question: Did I really need an advanced degree to become a great writer?

To answer this question, I looked to my very long list of favorite authors. I went to all of their websites and skimmed their biographies, seeing if they had received an advanced degree or not. In the end, half of them did and half didn’t, which didn’t really help to answer my question.

Learning About Writing

I have heard a couple of authors say that one does not need to get an advanced degree in writing in order to become a great writer. After all, if you want to learn more about writing, there are many cheaper alternatives to grad school, including writing books, conferences, and just practicing.

However, that does not mean that an advanced degree in writing is not beneficial. I have already learned a lot of stuff after just a week and a half of classes. I suppose that ultimately the decision to get an advanced writing degree or not is personal, as it was for me. After looking at programs, praying, and thinking, I decided that taking an in-depth study of creative writing was my next step in life. Will this degree be hard to earn?  You bet. But I will learn and grow from it and become a better writer as a result.

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