Book Review: Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does By Zack Oates

Typically I review fiction books, but I decided that I really needed to read this dating guide and apply its lessons to my own life. Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does is written by Zack Oates and published by Cedar Fort Publishing. This book has a lot of humor that makes it an enjoyable read, and it shares a lot of insights that will make you rethink how you date.

Image via Cedar Fort Publishing.

“I believe that two people can fall madly in love and sift that fairy-tale feeling up through the raging sands of reality to settle on top as a polished stone of true joy, where the ‘happily ever after’ will be something two mortals are working towards and not a finished product.”


Dating can be fun. Dating can be hard. Dating can feel like a repeated failure. Zack Oates knows this, having gone on over a thousand dates and having blogged about them. Oates shares 100 lessons about dating that he gained from his experiences. He covers dating fundamentals, how to deal with the friend zone, what women want men to know (and vice versa), attraction, breaking up, marriage, and much more.

“Just remember, someone rejecting you doesn’t say anything about you, it just means that the match isn’t good. Like root beer and soy sauce. Both are great, but not together. And that’s okay. You’ll find your vanilla ice cream or your rice soon enough.”

Book Review—4.5 Stars

I received a digital copy of Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

This fun dating guide has lots of great humor and insights. Oates’ running commentary throughout it made me laugh, and his many lessons and advice made me think. He really does an excellent job at explaining the do’s and don’ts of dating, and his fun, interesting writing style ensured that I was never bored.

“Don’t stop trying to be better . . . but be honest. Because I promise, you will be loved; but the problem is when people fall in love with what you want them to think you are. Let them get to know and fall in love with you . . . as you are.”

Though Oates gave many humorous, interesting analogies, I’ll admit that there were a few sections in the book that were muddled and left me confused. However, that may be just a result of me being a clueless dater. Overall, Oates provided plenty of excellent examples, advice, and tips on good dating. I especially liked his conclusion as well as the several great dating activities he suggested afterwards.

To see more reviews of Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does, check it out on Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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