Writing Prompts: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Ahhh, Single Awaren—ahem, I mean Valentine’s Day. Okay, to be honest, I call it that-sappy-pink-and-red-holiday under my breath, but in my heart, I’m a bit of a romantic for falling in love, chocolate candies, bouquets of roses, and true love’s kiss. This Valentine’s Day, between cuddling with your special someone or being single and aware of it, try to fit in some writing time with these Valentine’s writing prompts about love, singlehood, and those sappy pink-and-red hearts.


  1. A lonely, single woman gets love advice from the ghosts of Valentine’s past, present, and future.
  2. Desperate to find love on Valentine’s Day, your main character hires a mysterious matchmaker for help.
  3. Cupid makes a mistake with his love-inspiring arrows and mixes up couples, Midsummer Night’s Dream style. How does he fix this problem?
  4. Lilly’s fiancé breaks off their engagement the morning of Valentine’s Day, of all days. What does she do the rest of the day to show that she can handle being single yet again.
  5. Derek takes pride in being single every Valentine’s Day. Tell us about the special lady who manages to change his mind.
  6. Alianna meets a magical stranger who steals her heart, in both a figurative sense and a literal one. How does she get her heart back?

Do you have more ideas for Valentine’s Day/Single Awareness Day writing prompts? If so, share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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