Writing Prompts: The Easter Edition

Spring has sprung and Easter traditions are abound, from dyeing boiled eggs to recounting Jesus Christ’s resurrection to watching the four-hour long movie, The Ten Commandments. But between tales of Peter Cottontail and eating marshmallow Peeps, try to get in some writing time with these Easter writing prompts:

Easter writing prompts

  1. On an Easter egg hunt, Shannon finds a check for a billion dollars inside one of the eggs. What does she do next?
  2. Instead of getting candy in their Easter baskets, Thomas and his siblings get food that would have been eaten in Jesus Christ’s time, like hummus and lamb. Recount their experience.
  3. Derrick has no artistic skill whatsoever, but somehow he accidentally joins a hardcore Easter egg dyeing contest. He realizes that the prize money can pay his rent next month, so how does he win?
  4. The Easter Bunny goes on strike this year. Who will save the Easter holiday?
  5. Debbie’s family celebrates the Passover but never Easter. Though eight-year-old Debbie loves her family tradition, she really wants to eat some of those chocolate bunnies. How does she sneak one into her home?

Do you have more ideas for Easter writing prompts? If so, then share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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