The Pros and Cons of Bookworm Dream Jobs

After starting my new job as a Library Shelver, I realized that I have held most of the dream jobs bookworms would kill for. While reviewing, stocking, and writing books may sound like the perfect job to those of us who prefer books to people, there are (unfortunately) still some downsides to these dream jobs. Today I am going to cover some of the pros and cons of bookworm dream jobs that I have experienced.

Bookworm Dream Jobs pros and cons

Book Reviewer

Pros: Why get paid in money when you can get paid in books?! In the Travels of a Book Tourist section of my blog, I have had the opportunity to review many wonderful books. Not only do publishers provide reviewers with a free book, but you often get a copy of the book before it hits stores, so you can read it before everyone else!

Cons: Unfortunately, you may not love every book you review. In fact, you may hate some of these books. Normally if you dislike a book, you can return it to the library without reading the whole thing. However, as a reviewer, you promised to read it, so you have to force yourself to plow through every single page. Plus you feel a little guilty about pointing out the many flaws of the book when you provide your honest review.

Working at a Bookstore/Library

Pros: You are surrounded by books! You get to touch the books! You get to organize the books! You get to smell the books! You get to talk about the books! You get discounts on the books! I got to experience many these benefits when I worked at Deseret Book and at my current job working for Salt Lake County Library Services.

Cons: If you are an introvert (like many hardcore bookworms), then assisting customers/patrons can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know how to help them and they are angry and want to blame all of their life woes on you.


Pros: Though I have worked as a writer, I’m still in the aspiring category where fiction writing is concerned. However, I do have some experience in this field and I have learned a lot about it from others. A writer is a dream job for a bookworm because you can create the stories you have always wanted to read. You can count yourself among the many writers you love. You can provide books for others to read and enjoy.

Cons: Anyone who has ever looked over their first draft knows that writing is not as easy as we would like it to be. Plus there is the matter of breaking into the field, working with agents/publishing houses/editors (or doing it all yourself if you self-publish), marketing your book, and praying that at least a few people will read it and like it.

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