Book Recommendation—Why I Don’t Hide My Freckles Anymore: Perspectives on True Beauty

Though I love fiction books with excellent characters and stories, this month I’ve decided to recommend a nonfiction book that is very important to me. In days of commercialized beauty where you have to makeup yourself, stay slim, flatten your curls, etc. the book Why I Don’t Hide My Freckles Anymore shows us a different perspective on true beauty. This collaboration of essays written by BYU students, faculty, and many others was published in 2013 by Deseret Book as part of project to remind us where beauty truly lies.

Why I Don't Hide My Freckles Anymore-Beauty is a virtue quote


We live in a media-saturated culture that tells us that we aren’t good enough unless we are thin, blond, sexy, tan, perfect, etc. The constant bombardment of what the world perceives as beauty leaves many women with feelings of depression and inadequacy where their appearance is concerned. But Why I Don’t Hide My Freckles Anymore redefines beauty into being who we are rather than what we are.

“The strength in beauty refuses to allow us to be formed by cookie cutters. Cookie cutters are for children. Let us be women! Women with vision. Women who revel in what others might call imperfection. Women who recognize ourselves as capable of moving the world.”

The countless experiences shared by these women draw on faith, love, and trials to show what true beauty really is. What does one woman do after she learns her husband was never physically attracted to her? How does another woman learn to accept herself after losing her hair to chemotherapy? And after struggling with an eating disorder, how does a woman begin to see herself as God sees her? These powerful essays encourage women everywhere to love themselves the way they are.

“I am beautiful because I choose to believe it and that decision has set me free.”

Book Group Questions

  1. Which essay in this collection was your favorite and why?
  2. Have you ever felt that you weren’t beautiful? Share your experience and how you learned to accept your unique beauty.
  3. What is true beauty in comparison to the world’s idea of beauty?
  4. Why do we often connect beauty to love and acceptance? In what ways is this good and bad?
  5. Many of the women who wrote these essays relied on religion and spirituality to discover their true beauty. What are your thoughts on this?

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