Book Review: Shatter by Nikki Trionfo

If you want to read a mystery where you don’t know which characters you can trust, and all of your suspicions change throughout the unending line of shocking reveals, then have I got a book for you. Shatter is written by Nikki Trionfo and published by Cedar Fort Publishing. In the midst of her sister’s death and the growing tension of the peach strike, Salem asks herself one question: was her sister’s death really an accident?

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Image via Cedar Fort Publishing.

“Maybe Carrie was murdered. Maybe she wasn’t. Maybe I’ll never know. How can I live like that? My thought pattern loops tighter and tighter. I can’t live like that. She was my sister. I can’t wait forever, hoping the police or Dad will do something.

“I have to investigate.

“I have to find out for myself if Carrie’s death was more than just an accident.”


Salem’s sister, Carrie, died in a gas explosion. A few days later, the body of a union leader is found in their father’s orchard. From this moment on, Salem starts to question the possibilities of Carrie’s death. Was it really an accident, or was it dealt by the gang who tagged Carrie’s car before she died? Or did it have anything to do with the peach strike and the rising conflict between the peach growers and the union Carrie avidly supported. As Salem digs deeper and deeper into the mystery, she uncovers secrets that were meant to be kept and knowledge that will change her perspective on all the people she knows, including Carrie.

“Nothing is more impossible to accept than a random event with large consequences.”

Review—5 Stars

I received a digital copy of Shatter from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

In short, this book was phenomenal. This intense, thrilling mystery kept me gasping “What?!” throughout its entirety. It had numerous layers, and unveiling each one revealed a fantastic shock every time. I loved its complexity and the many secrets all of the intricate characters kept. Every aspect of this book is extremely enjoyable, and I couldn’t put it down as I tried to discover who killed Carrie.

“ ‘Violence is for the unimaginative,’ I translate.

“That’s exactly the kind of thing Carrie would say. She paid attention to things like that because she was imaginative. She had dreams. Dreams she can’t pursue anymore because one of the unimaginative, violent people she worked so hard to outsmart killed her.”

This brilliant book made you suspect every character and it escalated the conflict in unimaginable ways. I was fascinated by the tangle of conspiracies and plot twists it offered every step of the way. It keeps you guessing and guessing at who the killer is, but you won’t find out until the very end. Amazing book!

To see more reviews of Shatter, check it out on Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Shatter by Nikki Trionfo

  1. Wow! Thank you Abbe! This is so exciting! I love reading that you enjoyed Shatter. As a debut author, I have to thank you extra for taking a chance on it! I have you down on my list of favorite reviewers. Plan to receive free copies of my work in the future. 😉


  2. I am in the middle of it so far and yes it just leaves you just suspecting everyone. I have to admit the confusion keeps leading me onto the next page. It is a very intriguing read. Thank you for this review!


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