Book Recommendation: Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters

Archaeology, mystery, and an ancient Egyptian mummy come together in this Victorian-era novel. Meet the indomitable Amelia Peabody in Crocodile on the Sandbank which was written by Elizabeth Peters and published by Grand Central Publishing in 1975. Mystery fans will enjoy the headstrong characters and the exploration of ancient Egyptian artifacts in this story.

Crocodile on the sandbank quote-God help the poor mummy who encounters you, Peabody


After receiving an inheritance upon her father’s passing, proud, blunt spinster Amelia Peabody decides to explore her passion for ancient language and history by visiting Egypt. Along the way, she takes on a companion in Evelyn, an English gentlewoman with a tarnished past. They fall into the lot of two archaeologist brothers, the stubborn, bullhead Emerson and his mild-mannered brother, Walter.

“The truth is, I wanted him to be a villain—a veritable crocodile, like the one in the ancient poem, that lay in wait for the lover seeking to win his sweetheart. A woman’s instinct, I always feel, supercedes logic.”

Amelia’s Egyptian adventure soon takes a spooky twist when a mummy goes missing and is seen walking about at night. The group suspects it is one of the villagers trying to scare them away in order to pilfer artifacts from the tomb, but they soon realize their Egyptian ghost has taken a strong interest in Evelyn. Will they catch the culprit, or is the mummy really a curse from a disturbed king’s grave?

“Really, the mummy was becoming ridiculous! Its repertoire was so limited; why didn’t it do something different, instead of creeping around waving its arms?”

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