Writing Prompts: The Vacation Edition

With summer comes sunshine, no school, and the need to get away from it all with a fun vacation. Some of you may go camping in the great outdoors, others may travel across the country on an epic road trip, and others will have an adventure backpacking across Europe. But if you find some spare time between exploring new sites and trying new foods, then exercise your writing muscles with these vacation writing prompts.

Vacation travel writing prompts

  1. Trisha’s dreams of visiting Paris are coming true, and she is more than ready to see the Eiffel tower, try escargot, and check out the latest fashion trends. But her dream vacation goes awry when she accidently boards a plan heading for the Congo instead. What happens next?
  2. Zoe grew up having weekly fishing and camping trips. In contrast, her new boyfriend, Dennis, is a city slicker who doesn’t know the first thing about starting a fire (let alone making s’mores). However, he wants to impress Zoe and take her camping. How does he attempt to do this without letting on that he doesn’t even know how to set up a tent?
  3. Marissa, a small town girl who struggles with agoraphobia, is the sole inheritor of her great aunt’s massive fortune. However, in order to receive the desperately-needed money, Marissa must complete ten tasks all over New York City. How does she manage to overcome her fears and complete the tasks?
  4. With both divorce from his wife and estrangement from his adult children looming on the horizon, Walter proposes a road trip across America as a means of bringing the family back together. What happens?
  5. High school student Jeanne didn’t want to do a study abroad in South America for the summer, but her parents would do anything to put distance between Jeanne and her boyfriend. However, Jeanne plans to sneak back home. What happens next?
  6. Joe’s relaxing Hawaiian vacation turns stressful when he is accidently mistaken for a member of the mafia. What happens next?

Do you know any more great vacation writing prompts? If so, then share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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