Book Recommendation: Hook’s Revenge by Heidi Schulz

I love retellings of classic stories and fairy tales because they can take so many interesting directions. One such example is this delightful middle-grade retelling of Peter Pan. Hook’s Revenge was written by Heidi Schulz and published by Disney-Hyperion in 2014. We meet Captain Hook’s daughter, Jocelyn Hook, on an adventurous romp through Neverland as she seeks to destroy the ticking crocodile.

Hook's Revenge quote-There have always been pirates


Jocelyn Hook, the daughter of the infamous pirate captain James Hook, would rather have an adventure sailing the high seas with her father than learn manners at finishing school. However, she manages to survive dance lessons and proper etiquette by planning her future voyages with her best friend, Roger. But everything changes when Jocelyn learns that Captain Hook has been killed by the ticking crocodile. Her father’s last wish is that Jocelyn take revenge on the crocodile.

“It had stolen her father from her. It had made her look foolish in front of her men. It was a monster, a danger to anyone it came in contact with. The girl gathered her resolve. One failure may have rattled her, but she would not surrender.

“Time was running out for the crocodile.”

Jocelyn travels to Neverland and, with the help of Mr. Smee, puts together a motley pirate crew. But defeating the dreaded crocodile is not as easy as Jocelyn would hope, and soon she is traveling all over Neverland, running into cannibals, fairies, and a particularly annoying flying boy. Jocelyn learns that adventure isn’t all she wanted it to be, and she begins to wonder if she can ever destroy the ticking crocodile.

“It would be lovely to forget all the failures and disappointments she had encountered over the past few days, but where would that get her? She’d be stuck in one place, forever. Jocelyn did not want to always remain the same. Where was the adventure in that?”

If you love Hook’s Revenge, then check out the sequel, The Pirate Code.

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