Book Review: The Unicorn Hunter by Rachel Kirkaldie

Today I review the fantasy novel The Unicorn Hunter which was written by Rachel Kirkaldie and published by Cedar Fort Publishing. A spoiled princess, the fortune hunter who kidnaps her, and the unicorns that keep balance in the world are fated to collide in this story.

Unicorn-Hunter-Tour-Banner via Cedar Fort
Image via Cedar Fort Publishing.

“It is said in the most ancient of stories that a unicorn visits the mother of a child who will live to accomplish great things. So it seems, Jessa darling, that you are such a child.”


The vain, selfish Princess Jessalyn cannot wait to marry Prince Kale and get out of her backwater kingdom. Never mind the story of how a unicorn bowed to her mother when she was pregnant with Jessalyn. Some say that this means Jessalyn is meant for great things, but all she cares about is her beauty, jewels, and dresses. But everything changes when she is kidnapped by a fortune hunter named Erik. Through the adventure that follows, Jessalyn learns that someone has been killing the unicorns that keep the balance in the kingdom, and Jessalyn may have a role in saving them.

“But there’s more to you, more than fancy ball gowns and a lovely face. I’ve known it since before you were born.”

Review—3.5 Stars

I received a copy of The Unicorn Hunter from Cedar Fort Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

In a nutshell, I’d say that this book has a great story that needs more development. I really liked the first third of the book, I disliked the second third, and I wanted more development and different plot structuring for the entire story during the last third of it. However, the plot is intriguing and it drew me in. It made me ask lots of questions about this world and the plots of the villains.

“For eons the unicorns have been the protectors of good. They have kept our power at bay. Now they are dying. We will rise.”

I think the second third of the story is its biggest downfall because it felt like the author had abandoned the main character (Jessalyn) in favor of Erik, despite the fact that Jessalyn was kidnapped at the time and I really wanted to hear what was happening with her. In relation to this, I expected Jessalyn’s self-centered personality to change to something better throughout her adventure. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen until the very end of the book. She really started to get on my nerves in such a way that made me wish Erik had been the main character all along.

I really liked the story because it was intriguing and exciting, but it needed more complexity and development overall. There were several details left out of the story that made some things very confusing, and there were other parts that felt jerky and too unexpected. The author could have added several plot points that not only would have improved the story, but would have also given Jessalyn the opportunity to realistically change her personality. It really is a great story with so much potential, but it just needed more development.

To see more reviews of The Unicorn Hunter, check it out of Goodreads, Amazon, or its Cedar Fort blog tour page.

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