3 Amazing Utah Authors

For those of you not from Utah, on the 24th of July we celebrate the state holiday of Pioneer Day, commemorating the day the Mormon pioneers came to Utah in 1847. We have lots of great things here in Utah like the Salt Lake Temple, world-famous skiing, and fry sauce. We also have a wealth of amazing writers. Today, I would like to share a few books written by some of my favorite authors who live in Utah. (At least I’m pretty sure they still live in Utah. If not, you get to hear about them anyways.)

Utah Authors-Pioneer Day

Shannon Hale

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World

Shannon and her husband, Dean Hale, have worked with Marvel Press to create a middle grade novel about the origin story of Doreen, the superhero better known as Squirrel Girl! In this hilarious story, Doreen encounters the challenges of starting middle school as a girl with a bushy tail and a myriad of squirrel friends. Also expect appearances from your favorite Avengers!

The Goose Girl

This story is the first of the Books of Bayern series. Princess Ani is traveling to a distant kingdom to marry an unknown prince when her company rebels against her. Now Ani must hide as a goose girl in order to protect herself. But can the magic languages her aunt taught her years ago save her? And can she learn to embrace her destiny?

Utah Authors-The Goose Girl-Shannon Hale-image via Goodreads
Image via Goodreads.


Jane has a secret obsession with Jane Austen books and movies, most particularly with the handsome Mr. Darcy to whom no other man can compare. To help purge herself of her Jane Austen fantasies, she goes to Pembrook Park to experience life in Regency England. However, Jane might fall for her own Mr. Darcy in the process.

Emily Wing Smith

The Way He Lived

Joel Espen has died. But who is Joel Espen? This book is told from the perspectives of six different people, the people who knew Joel Espen best, or thought they did. A sister, a crush, a best friend, a debate partner, and others speak and tell of how they knew Joel Espen, and of how they came to terms with his death.

Utah Authors-The Way He Lived-Emily Wing Smith-image via Goodreads
Image via Goodreads.

All Better Now

Emily Wing Smith shares her personal experiences in this powerful, open memoir about how getting hit by a car saved her life when doctors discovered a tumor at the base of her skull. She recounts her mental and physical struggles that resulted from the tumor, and how writing helped her move forward.

Heather B. Moore (a.k.a. H.B. Moore a.k.a. Jane Redd)

Esther the Queen

H.B. Moore brings one of the most famous Bible women to life in this novel. Esther is a young Jewish woman who King Xerxes chooses as his bride. In order to protect herself, Esther keeps her Jewish heritage a secret. But everything changes when Haman, the King’s advisor, demands a law to destroy all of the Jews in the kingdom. Esther must choose: stay safe, or save her people at the price of her life?

Finding Sheba

This book is the first in the Omar Zagouri thrillers. Undercover agent Omar Zagouri works to find and protecting ancient artifacts. When he stumbles upon a tomb underneath Jerusalem, he realizes that he may have clues about the mysterious, legendary figure, the Queen of Sheba. However, there are others who would do anything to keep Sheba’s secrets hidden, including committing murder.

Utah Authors-Finding Sheba-Heather B. Moore-image via Goodreads
Image via Goodreads.

The Timeless Romance Anthologies

Heather B. Moore has teamed up with several other authors to produce this line of sweet, clean romances. Each book contains five novellas from five different authors, and each book has a theme, from mail order brides to summers in New York to love letters.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Utah authors. (Whaaaaat? You mean there are more than three authors living in Utah?) I wish I could share all of my favorite Utah authors (and their books) today, but I don’t have the space. However, check my blog on the next Pioneer Day and you may see a few more amazing Utah authors.

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