Writing Prompts: The Summer Edition

Advertisements for school supplies have been running on television, but many people are still holding on to every last bit of summer they can get. The sunshine, flowers, and free time won’t last much longer, but between swimming, camping, and playing Frisbee in the park, take some time to write with these summer writing prompts.

summer writing prompts

  1. Kaylee and her other eight-year-old friends have had enough: they never want to go to school again. But the end of summer vacation is looming on the horizon, so they need to create a plan to stop school from starting, for good!
  2. Brett decided to get a job flipping hamburgers instead of having fun relaxing with his friends during summer vacation, and now he regrets it. His parents won’t let him quit his job, so Brett decides to get himself fired instead. The only problem is that no matter what he does, his boss doesn’t seem to want to let him go!
  3. Christine accidently falls asleep by the pool and gets the worst sunburn you have ever seen. And she has a date with her crush tonight. How does this vain teenager try to go on the date without her crush seeing her terrible, blistering, oozing sunburn?
  4. Eddie’s best friend, Bob, will be moving away to another state at the end of the summer. In order to prevent the separation from his friend, Eddie tries to hide Bob in his tree house with a three-day supply of Skittles and Gatorade. What happens?
  5. Rita has always had a passion for swimming, but she is still shocked when her legs turn into a mermaid tale on her seventeenth birthday. Unfortunately, this happens in the middle of the public pool. How does she get out of the pool and drive home without anyone noticing that she is now a mermaid?

Know any other great summertime writing prompts? Share them in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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