Book Recommendation: The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle

As we enter the Halloween season where things go bump in the night, we might run into some goblins like the ones in the book I recommend today. The Hollow Kindgom was written by Clare B. Dunkle in 2003 and published by Henry Holt & Co. In this story, Kate meets a goblin who plans to steal her away as his bride. Though Kate fights back with unexpected power, she may not have a choice but to live the rest of her days under the earth as the wife of the goblin king.

The Hollow Kingdom quote-You shouldn_t have come looking for us, my dear, if you didn_t want to find us


Kate and her sister, Emily, have moved to Hallow Hill to start a new life as wards of a distant cousin. But as they explore the woods near their new home, Kate feels as if someone is watching her, someone dangerous. Not long after that, the sisters run into a mysterious stranger, and one thing is certain: he isn’t human.

“As long as she had the stars, she would never be alone. Even when she wasn’t looking at them, she could feel their gentle radiance in her mind.”

The stranger is Marak, king of the goblins who live underground. The time has come for him to choose a human bride, and he has selected Kate. However, Kate won’t be dragged beneath the earth so easily, for she has power of her own. But Kate may not have a choice in following Marak to his hollow kingdom, and she soon learns that monsters don’t only reside under the earth.

“The old folks told us that the goblins would steal a girl if they caught her out wandering in the twilight. They’d drag her away to their caverns under the Hill to be a goblin bride.”

If you loved The Hollow Kingdom, then check out the rest of the trilogy with Close Kin and In the Coils of the Snake.

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